PT Confidential for the World Wildlife Fund

Our big purpose here at PT Confidential is to bring Personal Training, Health and Nature together.

People living a healthier life, we believe, is symbiotic with looking after the planet and raising the awareness of the current challenges of Planet Earth.
When we are more connected to nature, in whatever form that takes whether it's enjoying a few days on the beach, going for a walk in the great outdoors, getting out of the city and in to some greenery or challenging ourselves with any one of natures vertical challenges, we actually become happier, we move into higher vibration and become more in tune with our passions, desires with a greater clarity.

Yet we repeatedly, on a day to day basis, breach the respect towards our wildlife, our oceans and our natural environment. Put simply, not enough is being done and not enough awareness exists in a practical form to preserve the one thing that we all enjoy.
PT Confidential is taking the first leap by becoming the first PT organisation to donate as much of it's revenue to the World Wildlife Fund as possible. Every sale we make, we will donate a percentage to this incredible cause which is now funding and facilitating preservation across multiple continents, and across many components of nature including endangered species, illegal hunting and gaming, rain forests, oceans, and the welfare of animals in general. It is the most comprehensively organised charity and for that reason we want to get behind it with all our might.

What's your purpose?