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The CHEK Institute, formed by Paul Chek has operated as far back as 1998. It is one of the most respected institutes in the world. Completing CHEK Personal Training is one of the most prestigious and in-depth pathways a Personal Trainer can take.

CHEK Personal Training is considered as a long term journey of study and learning, and with over 17 advanced CHEK courses across a wide field of exercise kinesiology, nutrition, health and wellbeing you will transcend to one of the most qualified and impacting trainers within the global industry.

"Learn the most advanced principles of wellness, exercise and nutrition..."

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Once you certify with your Level 3 PT Diploma, we strongly encourage you to pursue a path in to the CHEK Institute with one of their CHEK courses. This will enable you to learn the most advanced principles of wellness, exercise and nutrition to ensure you achieve the most in-depth and advanced results with your clients, thanks to CHEK Personal Training.

Registering for your free PT Confidential membership and accessing our community, you will get access to various discounts to the CHEK Institute and CHEK courses as well as many other perks and benefits, so ensure you take the first step in registering your interest by securing your complimentary PT Confidential membership.

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