Sharpen Up Your Fitness Workout With These Simple Steps

Subtle changes to your lifestyle can be the key to sustainable health and fitness.

Gradual implementation is more in line with how your body works; it’s always looking for a state of balance (homeostasis). If anything is too jarring to the system, it may be poorly received by both body and mind.

Straight into it then; here are 7 integrations and fitness workout ideas that will give you an immediate, powerful and positive impact on your body and mind.  Try integrating 1 or 2 each week until you’ve embraced them all.


Start eating more Fats and Protein in the morning for breakfast


The food you eat at the start of your day dictates your neurology for the rest of the day, and goes hand in hand with the rest of your fitness workout ideas. The effect that Carbohydrate-based foods have on us is typically lower vibration as it’s a storing food.  We tend to feel sleepy, or relaxed once we’ve refuelled on Carbohydrates. In a recent study, subjects were found to eat more of the foods during the rest of the day, that they consumed at breakfast.  

Proteins are more metabolically active, it takes more calories to metabolise a gram of protein than a gram of carbohydrates. Proteins are also crucial for cell repair and unlike Carb’s they can’t be stored in the body.


eggs and avocado on toast


If you’re not a regular for breakfast then perhaps start with various types of nuts. Macadamia, Cashews, Almonds, Walnuts, Pistachios, in particular, are great for healthy fats and protein to really feed your brain and contain lower levels of Phytic-Acid.  

You can expect to also drop some body fat from this adjustment and you’ll find that your Leptin hormone (the hormone which regulates satiety) will function better.


Shift your carb intake to the evening and start to include ‘starch resistant’ carbs to boost good gut bacteria 


This simple change can dramatically improve your sleep.  Considering that over 45% of the US and UK have sleep disruption, this could be a simple remedy.  Poor sleep is also a major contributing factor to weight gain due to the body shifting into a high-blood cortisol profile. Carbohydrates boost serotonin levels in our brains and they also induce Tryptophan, another substance that assists with sleep.  When you consume carb based foods you trigger an Insulin response, and in turn, this will temporarily ramp down amino acid levels in the blood making way for the Tryptophan to cross the blood-brain barrier and convert to serotonin. It’s a simple trick and works extremely well.

As a double benefit, certain carbs are known as ‘starch resistant’.  These types of carbs can actually help to feed the ‘good’ gut bacteria in our intestines.  The Butyrate released from the carbs is eaten by your good gut bacteria which helps to improve gut bacteria balance, and in turn, this could bring down body fat which stores around the hips – one for a future article.


Fitness workout ideas: try some simple stretches in the evening 


Most of us now have challenged Adrenal Output, and while this subject deserves an entire article on its own, it’s sufficient to suggest that you must employ solutions to lower the amount of adrenal output particularly in the evening. It may just be the main reason why you cannot get sleep.  

Stretching the body using simple floor based stretches is an excellent way of lowering cortisol output, as well as gently working the joints and connective tissue to minimise the inflammation; aches and pains that can wake us during the night. The best fitness workout ideas are to go with what you instinctively feel you need to stretch, the typical areas of need are hips, hamstrings, calves, abdominal wall and chest.


woman stretching on rocks workout fitness ideas


Check the toxicity of your products on 


The body stores toxins in fat cells to keep them away from the working organs, this process forms a level of protection for our fundamental key systems.  It’s incredible to think this goes on without us even knowing.

However, toxins from cosmetics, creams, bath oils etc., can be endocrine disrupting and at worst their ingredients can be carcinogenic.  By monitoring and controlling the toxicity from your personal-care products, your food choices and the environment, you can not only maintain optimal levels of health, minimise the risk of various cancers and prevent hormone disruption, but you can also encourage the body to release the excess body fat it may be carrying due to the reduction of ingested and absorbed toxicity.


Check your fingernails for zinc/stomach acid deficiency 


You may not be fully aware of just how important the mineral Zinc really is.  Perhaps you’ve heard about its benefits on cell repair, immune boosting and healthy brain function, but one of the most significant modern-day issues this mineral can assist with is the correct balance of Testosterone and Oestrogen in Men and Women respectively.  

With low or no Zinc status in the body, there is no luteinising hormone, and with little to no luteinising hormone, there is a poor creation of Testosterone in men and poor Oestrogen excretion and balance in women.  You may even spot this in people. Men with low testosterone have a disproportionate amount of body fat in their pecs [compared to the rest of the body] and woman builds disproportionate fat storage in their lower body (legs).  Zinc and Stomach enzymes also work in symbiosis; if one is low you can guarantee the other is low. Checking the deepness of the vertical ridges on your fingernails gives you an idea of just how deficient you are.


A woman's hands and nails


Drink more water 


This is an interesting topic; the idea of drinking ‘8 glasses’ or more per day has been continually challenged. There is a theory that we underestimate how much water we derive from our food, and eating a high consumption of fruit and vegetables can give us a higher than previously understood intake of water.  However, the calls for consuming large amounts of water each day are in response to the understanding that most of us eat some form of processed food.

It’s not always possible to eat completely cooked from fresh food for every meal, every day – life gets in the way and it’s just not practical. One of the primary additives to processed food is salt, and in turn, a large consumption of salt will upset your electrolyte balance, thereby preventing water from entering the cells.  This is the point that we get thirsty and dehydration starts to kick in. It’s, therefore, a safer bet to consume water throughout the day in the form of still or filtered water. You should not be drinking water directly from any tap – regardless of how ‘safe’ it has been suggested. Tap water contains trace elements of various substances such as fluoride and chlorine.  

How much water?

A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight in pounds, divide by 2, and you have a ballpark of your water requirements in ounces for the day. If you’re active, you may want to add up to 20% on to this figure. EG;

200Lbs man = 100 ounces of water plus 20% = Total consumption of 120 ounces per day.  

Lymphatic drainage is also optimised in a well-hydrated body, and given that every chemical process in the body happens in the presence of H20, this is a tip you cannot ignore.


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