Reverse Adaptation: Homeostasis In The Body

This is a phenomenon in that we assume what the body needs and wants, let’s say when it comes to a deficiency, it can sometimes reject. 

Ask any long-term Personal Trainer and they will attest to the fact that they’ve given a client a protocol to follow, a supplement that should have been straightforward or a change in diet; either having taken something out or put something in and the body has expressed discomfort or unease in some way.

What is Reverse Adaptation?

The theory that everybody is going to respond well to any positive implementation really does need careful consideration. 

You see, the body becomes accustomed to a certain way of life, routine or habit – whether it’s a bad habit causing the body a gradual decline within a specific key system or whether it’s optimal health.  It’s the pursuit of homeostasis.

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Homeostasis in The Body

Have you ever looked at somebody’s routine or food choices and wondered how they can get away with it without being doubled over in severe discomfort?

This is the power of homeostasis in the body.  It accepts the standard or level of nutrition, lifestyle or bad habit and works with it as best it can.

Any change or disruption to that habit whether for the better or worse is at first irrelevant. It’s going to cause a shift and temporary disruption to this homeostasis in the body and it will express this disruption with varying physical reactions; sickness, nausea, low energy, inability to sleep, etc. 

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Great Examples of Reverse Adaptation

There are plenty of great examples of this; in one such example for myself is when I’ve been on adrenal overload for too long and the initial supplementation of B12 to assist the adrenals has a bad reaction in my body, causing me to feel very rough indeed. 

It’s having a positive effect but the body is having to adjust itself again! Imagine the body is saying, ‘Really? Do we really have to change the furniture around again? Can’t we all just sit and slob out in front of the TV?!

There are plenty of instances of clients who have been Magnesium deficient for years and in some cases decades. If you ever prescribe Magnesium to an extreme deficient individual it will cause the opposite effect on them.

This gives them a sense of energy and possible inability to sleep, whereas Magnesium is supposed to have a calming effect on the body.  For clients and PT’s alike, it’s important that any new protocol is given a fair chance to help the body adapt for the better. 

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In the same way that an individual will suffer if they go from eating an extremely healthy diet to a poor-quality diet, the exact same can happen for a short period when somebody switches to healthy eating – it is just the body adapting, catching up and finding homeostasis.

Go with it and try to tune in to how your body feels. You can use intuition and instinct if you listen carefully enough.


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