Is Your Work Life Damaging Your Health?

There is no doubt that to be successful in business in the present day with all the challenges it can present, your body will have been exposed to some form of stress at the expense of your health.

With some carefully thought out nutrition habits and lifestyle changes, you can have the best of both; by becoming even more productive at the office while avoiding the commonly associated health issues that result from running yourself into the ground.  

What is it?

Adrenal Fatigue (aka ‘Non-Addison's Hypoadrenia') is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions and is a result of too much stress placed on the body from either a physical, emotional, psychological factor or culmination of all.   

If the body is running on empty and has continual demands placed upon it, Cortisol will be pumped out of the Adrenal Glands at a higher rate but eventually, depletion will occur.  Cortisol is just like any other hormone in the body and has a role to play, but too much of it in the bloodstream will begin to suppress the Thyroid, ramp down Testosterone, damage the lining of the gut creating food intolerances, and will also force the body to control the exposure by ramping up levels of Insulin in the blood through increased carb cravings.  This is also likely due to the damaging effects Cortisol and Stress place on the serotonin levels, and the elevating effect carb-based foods have on Serotonin.

In short; excessive Cortisol output will create food cravings and with the best will in the world, you will struggle to control these food cravings.  

The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it or put yourself on a strict diet (which so many people do).  


Adrenal Fatigue is easy to spot, symptoms include:

  • Severe tiredness in the morning until lunchtime.
  • Interrupted sleep patterns
  • A slowdown in metabolic rate
  • Increased fat storage around the stomach
  • Feelings of flatness, irritability or agitation
  • Increase in carb cravings
  • Inflammation and soreness in the joints
  • Stomach and Digestive issues


Consequently causing:

  • Excessive body fat
  • Inability to improve body shape or shift fat
  • Stomach bloating or cramping
  • Reliance on caffeine/stimulants/ sugary food and drink
  • Increased susceptibility to allergies
  • Periodic colds and flu
  • Fibromyalgia

Contributing factors

  • Going without food for long periods of time will place the body under stress therefore if you feel hungry you can guarantee your Adrenal Glands will be forced to work overtime.  
  • Going without sleep for long periods of time will also force secretion, as will broken night’s sleep or forcing yourself to work during the evening when you should be switching off.  
  • Any sustained feelings of aches and pains in the body or any injuries you may be carrying.
  • Emotional stress or pressure (within the home or workplace)

Overcoming the problem

  • Avoid missing meals and DO snack throughout the day
  • Breakfast should typically be higher in protein and if possible, healthy fats and less in Carbs.
  • Regular exercise each week - put the time in your diary so it becomes an appointment with yourself.
  • Condition positive thoughts and feelings – this can take a while in some cases
  • Drink the equivalent of at least 8 glasses of water/day.  Some studies have challenged this but the lymphatic drainage benefits to flush toxins are irrefutable.
  • Put plenty of flexibility and stretching exercises into your exercise programme
  • Get in the great outdoors for a walk every so often.
  • Become more informed about GI Index of the carbohydrates you consume.  A rating of 70 or less as a generalisation is prudent. There are numerous publications that will give you this information.  
  • If sleeping is poor or broken try cutting taking 5-7 days’ break (if you can) from Alcohol and high sugar/no carb foods, and monitor the changes,
  • Consider a cleanse / parasite cleansing protocol – more covered on this in a future article.

This is only scratching the surface but hopefully gives you an introduction to a condition that may be holding you back at home or in the office.