A (very) quick chat about carbs

This article is based on my own experiences of carb based foods, and my own relationship with them over a specific 15-year period.

It can be difficult to stop carb cravings. My cravings for carb based foods always seemed to jump up when 4 key events occurred in my life, and in some cases a disproportionate response.


When the craving is most significant and how to stop carb cravings:

1. Hunger

Nothing triggers an immediate requirement for carb consumption in me more than hunger. Getting stuck in a severe traffic jam on the motorway and sitting with extreme hunger would create the absolute mandatory need to fight 10 people, rip down a brick wall and sprint for a photo finish to devour that last Costa croissant. Even though I know I shouldn’t be doing it, nothing was going to stop carb cravings when the blend of cortisol that signals hunger has coursed through my body.




2. High-stress exposure from poor sleep. 

This vicious cycle that I could often get myself in to would be that I woke to feel tired, my body would be inflamed and due to probably being behind schedule I’d reach for a carb-based breakfast and/or mid-morning snack and caffeine. This would create further tiredness once the serotonin kicked in later in the morning or at lunchtime.


3. Emotional stress.

Not as much these days, but emotions stress related to personal relationships, finances, business challenges or anything that caused me to feel worried, anxious or uncomfortable would trigger a carb consuming session. Managing my emotions better, understanding myself better coupled with using a Green Drink, has really brought this one under control to stop carb cravings.


4. Winter months 

As soon as the cold hits, I tend to find the carb cravings used to rocket. Warm meals on repeat, soup every day and of course what goes with soup? Lots of bread! In fact, the same could be said for any meal containing gravy or sauce as far as I was concerned. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s referred to as eating for the seasons. These types of foods are very ‘Yin’ building due to the ‘storing’ nature of Carbohydrate. However, two crucial factors apply; Am I earning the carbs (through training) and how Insulin Sensitive am I?


What are the 3 main symptoms that would occur when I used Carbs the wrong way?

Bloating face 

The following day I’d wake with a puffy face, and this wasn’t a good look, particularly if I was delivering to an audience the following day.

Weight gain 

For reasons that are beyond the scope of this article (but discussed in others), I would inevitably gain additional body fat from a higher than normal carb consuming period.

Thyroid ramp down 

Inevitably, over a longer period of time, I would start to feel my Thyroid slow down with the additional carriage of high carb intake. My mornings would be sluggish, weight loss was almost impossible and dry skin patches would start to occur.

Insulin Resistance is a condition otherwise known as Pre-Diabetes or Dysinsulinemia. It’s thought that up to 75% of the US and UK could be Insulin Resistant which is also attributed to obesity rates and excessive weight gain. Various herbs can help to reverse this condition while also switching to an Insulin Reset protocol which involves cutting back on carbs to stop carb cravings and re-introducing back into the diet gradually and at key points.

Two supplements that have been used with myself and clients for many years are Insulinomics and Fenuplex in combination.

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