A Discussion About Your ‘Alarm Clock’: How To Wake Up Happy And Motivated

A Discussion About Your ‘Alarm Clock’: How To Wake Up Happy And Motivated

Andy McGlynn

Ask any over-30-year-old and its likely they used a manual winding, ticking clock when they were younger, and for the ones really into their gadgetry; they possessed a battery powered clock that emitted a high pitched repetitive noise to wake you. This may not necessarily have been the key on how to wake up happy and motivated; but it worked.

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The Impact Your Phone Alarm Can Have

So naturally, when the first phones came with the ability to wake us with any variation of our favourite song, a gradually ascending ring tone, a vibration or a more pleasant sound of an excerpt of nature, it was going to be a guaranteed shift to using our phones to wake us. However, all sorts of issues stem from this, let’s look at them:

  • Believe it or not, many people think the alarm won’t go off properly if their phone is on silent and therefore run the risk of having their phone on normal / loud setting throughout the night.  Being woken throughout the night, even for longer than 4 seconds will interrupt melatonin and growth hormone production and regulation, as well as placing a neurological stress on the body.  Between the hours of 10pm and 2am we go through a physical repair, and from the hours of 2am and 6am we then transition into a mental / neurological repair.  If this process is being interrupted it will take an eventual toll on the body or the mind, or both, even just for a few seconds at a time.
  • Blue light at night time can interrupt our sleep cycle by causing us to feel stimulated, this of course doesn’t just apply to mobile phones but also TV screens and laptops.  However, it’s more likely that we are going to be using our phones late on before we sleep to set the alarm, check social media and emails and perhaps listening to music.  You can use the f.lux software that emits a warm light from the screen during the evening and night and this can avoid the brain being stimulated late on.  
  • Although the research is still inconclusive, there is growing anecdotal suggestion and evidence that having high powered tech products around you continually is not great.  We know that electrical items emit what is known as ‘dirty electricity’ and we have also started using the phrase ‘digital detox’ more regularly which, may suggest that intuitively we know as humans that some separation from our tech is needed.  However, for most of us, our iPhone sits somewhere within 1 metre to our heads throughout the time our body and brain is going through its healing and rest. If you were to ask whether this will help with how to wake up happy and motivated, consider if it will have a positive or negative impact. It’s likely to be the latter, on some hormonal and endocrino-logically level.

phone by bed is bad for how to wake up happy and motivated


Top Tip – there has been substantial research in to the effects on our hormonal profile and electronic devices.  Italian researchers noted in studies with men that a phone (turned on) in the front of their trouser pocket had a negative effect on both sperm count and the health of the testicles. Given that most men carry their phone in their front pocket and the recent research has suggested that male sperm counts in the Western world are at worryingly low levels, this may be a contributing factor on top of nutrition deficiency, environmental, lifestyle and habitual factors.

How To Wake Up Happy And Motivated? It’s A Lifestyle Change

It’s likely you don’t feel the need to really change from your routine, the effects are so minimal or unnoticeable that the decision is made, however if you’re looking for optimal health and performance there is a better way.  The use of what is called a ‘Light Alarm Clock’ could actually help you sleep, keep you asleep and wake you feeling more refreshed.  Lumie.com offer an alarm clock that when set will emit a warm light which gradually reduces in the evening until its completely dark and then in the morning emits a gradually increasing bright light to wake you.  Our bodies have actually evolved over thousands of years to wake when light hits our skin.  Now of course, the first time you do this you may not wake from just a light on its own, but it’s quite uncanny how quickly the body falls back in to an old evolutionary pattern of waking with light.  Fortunately, Lumie also offer an audible alarm that you can use in conjunction with the light until you find yourself just waking with the light.

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Switching Off
As for those texts, tweets and posts I’ve missed during the night when I finally turn my phone on, well, I was asleep anyway.  We have to draw the line somewhere with the need to be plugged in continuously. 

Light alarm clocks are fantastic if you have clients who work shifts, encourage them to switch to this way of sleeping and they will find they manage to get through night shifts much better.  

If you’re not convinced about light alarm clocks and you really don’t feel motivated to switch from your iPhone, then perhaps the next best thing you can do is to set the Night Time function, this will at least block the blue light the phone emits after sunset. It’s very simple to do, just go into Settings>Display & Brightness> and adjust the levels in Night Shift.

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